“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein*

Supporting that remaining Windows 7 based application built in the previous millennium on out-of-support, on-premise infrastructure. Manual updating of personal computers via USB thumb drives. IT staff traveling to remote sites to troubleshoot, restore, or cutover critical network operations. Writing the big check to your IT outsourcing company because you do not have the time to learn and implement the latest tools. We have been there. You may still be there. Maybe it is time to stop the insanity.

Our solution approach is based on a balance of human judgment, anomaly detection software, and machine learning principles with the following characteristics to enable automation:

How we think table

Human Judgment remains the critical element in aligning the business needs with IT tools and systems. We work with you to ensure our methodology and expected outcomes align with your success criteria and key metrics.

Anomaly Detection software is continuously vetted to address application, network, and device support needs. We do the heavy lifting in assessing the latest off-the-shelf tools and integrating best practices into our methodology and services.

Machine Learning is most effective when classifiers can be clearly defined to train the machines. We integrate machine learning capabilities into IT operations services when a critical mass of clean, structured data is achieved.

Leading technologies are implemented in our projects and managed services including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Cisco, and Palo Alto Networks.

*Attribution confirmed by urban legend and parts of the Internet

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