Why We Started

Finack was created by IT practitioners who see an opportunity to build an Infrastructure as Code system that integrates automation, anomaly detection, and machine learning software to IT operations. Inspired by the FIN/ACK command, we look to get to the finish line on more projects with the least amount of resources spent.

The timing is right for change. IT cannot keep up with new cloud and tools technology while completing daily projects. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have made their cloud offerings first class citizens investing in more APIs, community building, and self-service tools. Virtualization has made hybrid, on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure more mainstream. Containerization will modernize applications to be more conducive to hybrid deployments. Machine learning can pattern match faster than people. We are combining human judgment with technology to realize the cost savings and business agility in moving to Infrastructure as Code.

Our Background

Ty works with customers to realize business objectives through technology implementation. He co-founded Workspot, an application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) company with customers that include: Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare, and a NBA team. Ty has led teams through new technology creation and adoption at startup to Fortune 500 companies including Twilio, Oracle, and Accenture.

Marvin is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) working with customers to ensure best practices in security, compliance, and IT operations. He has led merger and acquisition integrations, SEC and FINRA audits, and IT network infrastructure teams at compliance-minded companies including BlackRock, Barclays, and CapitalOne.

Our Commitment to You

Easy to use: move, configure, and monitor with an intuitive user interface and pre-built integration.
Instant gratification: test within minutes.
Transparency: know the full story at any time.
Confidence: collaborate with subject matter experts that vet and review all tools.

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