Transformation is definitely not overnight when it comes to IT infrastructure and embracing the cloud. With annual revenues exceeding $2B and over 1,500 employees, Matson announced being all-in on Amazon Web Services, shutting down the last of its on-premise datacenters ahead of the November 2016 AWS re:Invent conference. We are inspired by this bold CIO and his move to upgrade three critical components simultaneously: legacy applications, datacenters, and physical interaction equipment. In a summary of the four key takeaways from moving all-in to the public cloud, the psychology of realizing that lock-in is about architecture and not vendor choices as a key takeaway for IT leaders.

So what? Matson has embraced a new model where investment is made into people learning new IT skills and collaborating with a broader community for best practices. This has enabled Matson to complete acquisitions within shorter timeframes and less execution risk in the combined business operations. Seems like that 135 year old dog has got some serious new tricks.