Many use the term ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ to describe a desired state if only conditions conducive to achieving that goal existed. We refer to this as a WIBNI. People responsible for IT infrastructure, call them IT Ops or DevOps, have this WIBNI: every server could automatically be rebuilt from scratch, configuration tooling would run continuously and not ad hoc, systems could be reproduced from scratch with a few key commands, and documentation could be automatically generated. We lived this WIBNI at many previous companies leading us to start Finack.

We think this WIBNI can indeed to reality by implementing off-the-shelf tools and creating a custom-coded control console to address various use cases. Easier said than done, and the list of off-the-shelf tools and cloud-based solutions is vast: Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Terraform, Adaxes, Mirantis, VeloCloud, Zerto, zScaler, and on and on.

We believe in software instead of drudgery-filled processes. We found the Kief Morris book Infrastructure as Code to be practical guide to putting rubber to the road and filled with inspirational nuggets. Perhaps a selection for a IT Ops book club gathering one day, preferably with some tasty libations.